Egg-laying season is finally here!

I haven’t collected fresh eggs from my girls since October, so it’s been a long winter of eating store-bought eggs again.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been feeding them enough calcium, so their eggshells are thin and brittle, and I’ve had to throw out 2 eggs already because of cracked shells.  Such a bummer! 

It’s been a long winter for the girls, as well.  It’s been cold, there’s been a lot of snow, and as soon as it would melt, it would snow again.  And they hate the snow.  So for much of the winter, they stayed cooped up in their coop, venturing down only to eat and drink water when they absolutely had to.  We would bribe them out with scratch and other treats, just to get them out to stretch their little legs.  To say they have cabin fever is an understatement.  The snow is just now melting enough that they can venture out into their terrace (soon to be an orchard) a little ways, but there is still so much snow on most of it that they won’t be exploring further for a couple more weeks, at least.


Here are my 3 ladies: 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 1 Barred Rock.  Although we’ve only had them for about a year, they are now about 3 years old.  Egg production begins to slow after a few years, so this spring we plan to add 3 chicks to the mix.  It’s been a few years since I’ve raised chicks, but they are a tremendous amount of fun.  And the first couple of days, when they are just little peeping balls of downy feathers, it’s all I can do not to melt into a happy pile of mush.  They are just that adorable.

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