Happy Hour Tuesdays

Yesterday was a bit of a sour day.  Something came up at work that not only frustrated a couple of my co-workers and me, it put our morale in the dumps.  By 1:30pm we were in a bad place, and decided we needed to get out for a breath of fresh air–and a drink.  Our boss completely condones, if not encourages, this behavior.  Sometimes you just have to get out of the office for a bit.  There is a liquor store 2 blocks from work, but we were looking for a place to pour us a drink, so we began walking. By the time we hit the main artery through town, I remembered that one of the hotels nearby had a lounge, so we set off in that direction.  As we approached the building, we noticed there was an outdoor patio with fireplace that looked very inviting.  The fireplace wasn’t going, but they had the heaters on above the tables, and it was immediately decided that we would sit outside to enjoy our drinks.  When we walked in the bar, it was actually a pretty hopping place–filled with bar flies and casino hags (I mean that in the nicest possible way).  Happy hour began at 2:00.  Just our luck!  It was 2:05pm.  It took several minutes to get to the bartender, but she was very nice and took no time at all to make our drinks.  It’s hard to beat an amaretto sour for $2.50 (Long Island iced tea was $3.50–what a bargain!), and once we were outside at our table, it was a very pleasant way to spend an hour.  Once we finished our drinks, we dragged ourselves back to work.  We decided that Tuesday afternoons would be Happy Hour Tuesdays, whether work is causing us stress or not.

The rest of the afternoon still dragged on, but at least it was only for a little over an hour by the time we made it back to the office.  I had tap dance lessons at 5:30, and due to all the angst I was feeling, I really hoped to “tap it out” in class.  Well, we worked pretty hard, but the dance steps were difficult and my feet were not wanting to listen to my brain for some of the routine, which led to a bit of swearing and wishing I had another drink in my hand.  At least I worked up a sweat and I left class promising, as I do every week, that I will practice the steps at home before the next class.  I never do.  This week will be different, I swear.

After tap class was a talk about raising chickens at the public library, put on by our local county extension service.  The talk was part of the impetus for the article in the paper last week about raising urban chickens–and since the article featured my girls, I thought I would go see what the guy had to say.  The extension service agent does this talk on a semi-regular basis, and he usually gets a couple dozen people in the audience.  Well, last night people came out of the woodwork!  There must of been 50-60 people in the audience; I guess the newspaper article sparked a lot of interest.  He had handouts for the audience, but only made 15 copies.  He definitely looked surprised to see so many people show up.  He had a nice presentation, and for folks who don’t currently have chickens but are thinking of getting some, it was very informative.  I didn’t pick up much new information about raising chickens, but I did learn about some local breeders of rare chicken breeds, should I want to raise a breed that the local feed store doesn’t sell.  Even though my day had a (amaretto) sour note in the middle, it ended on a happy note, thoughts of chickens.

Tomorrow I will post step-by-step photos for making homemade roasted garlic powder!

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