Italian Green Fig–My newest houseplant


My friend sent me a fig tree as a gift–for what, I’m not exactly sure.  But when it arrived a couple of weeks ago, it was still dormant.  I transplanted it to a larger pot, and the leaf buds are finally unfurling to reveal the beautiful fig leaves.  Today I have 1 fully formed leaf, and I think it is a stunner.  The variety of fig is called Italian Green, and I’ve never had green figs before, so this will be a new culinary treat for me.  I’m very excited to see how it does this summer with my orange, lemon, banana, and soon-to-be lime trees.  I plan to add a pomegranate to my quiver of indoor fruit trees–one of these days.  They make for nice conversation pieces during potlucks–it is pretty cool to tell people that I grow my own lemons, even though I live in a zone 4! 

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