Snow, homemade hood ornaments, ofice parties, and other random thoughts for the day

The title of this post pretty much sums up my brain right now.  There are about a million things running through my head this evening, and I can’t seem to shut my brain off.  So I decided to work it out by writing.  Lucky you who will continue reading this post….

While walking The Stinker this morning before work, I saw this whimsical homemade hood ornament.  Although I don’t normally walk that way to work, it’s not out of my way, so after I dropped of The Stinker at home and grabbed my backpack and camera, I walked back by the car and took this photo:


The fact that there was a 1/2 inch of snow on the hood of the car made it that much more imperative that I get a photo of this hood ornament NOW.  I knew if I waited, the snow would melt this afternoon, and its charm just wouldn’t have been the same without the snow.

Speaking of snow, I skied again Sunday (all day, I might add) and it was wonderful.  Although I am ready to begin gardening–my chives and rhubarb are poking their little heads out from beneath the mulch of leaves–if it is going to keep snowing, I’m going to make the most of it.  We are supposed to have warm spring-like weather this week, and I’m sure the gardening bug will bite hard and not let go.  I did start some seeds over the weekend: several herbs, including lavender, rosemary, basil (red and purple), cilantro, and lemongrass.  I also started some lettuce, Swiss chard, and bunching onion seeds.  I started some Walla Walla seeds several weeks ago and transplanted the seedlings into pots a couple of weeks ago; they are doing quite well.  My boss told me today that she will let me have the little runt tomato plants that she would normally cull, but last year she let me “save their little tomato lives.”  And I was amply rewarded with hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes, some of which I ate on this pizza over the weekend:


This pizza had sun-dried tomatoes from my garden last summer, frozen spinach, artichoke hearts, and red onion.  I topped it with shredded mozzarella and gouda cheeses.  A worthy dinner for a Saturday night.

The girls were quite peeved about the snow on the ground this morning.  They complained loudly as I left for work.  They have full run of the orchard now, from which the snow has almost completely melted.  They have been eating the dandelion leaves that are already popping up, and I’m sure they are loving the greens, as it has been several months since they’ve had fresh greens to eat.  It will only be a couple more weeks before we get our new chicks–very exciting!!  I’m sure the “old” girls won’t be too happy about having to share their space with the new kids on the block, so introductions will be very slow and careful.  I’m looking forward to raising some new breeds of chickens and to more fresh eggs.

Tonight was our office party at a local restaurant.  We don’t do a holiday party in December because it is a hectic time of the year and so many people are traveling, so we usually do it in late winter when the “cabin fever” strikes.  Several people complained about last year’s venue, so the administrative staff suggested someone else take on the task of organizing the party.  I was the sucker who raised my hand and volunteered.  I went into this process naïve, and came out cynical.  I tried to be as fair as possible from the beginning, soliciting input from everyone on what type of party we wanted–potluck, catered, kid-friendly, etc.  I got some responses, most of which sounded like this “Whatever you decide sounds great to me!”  So with that (lack of) guidance, I began searching for a venue and brainstorming food ideas.  Once I began to solidify plans with the one place that returned my call, I proposed it to the office.  Response sounded something like this “Sounds great!  Thanks for taking on this task!”  Once I began to solidify a date with everyone and the venue, that’s when some people came out of the woodwork to complain that the place I had chosen didn’t suit their tastes.  “I don’t like their food.  The service was bad last time I was there with a group.  It was too noisy.  Are we going to have a “light” dessert choice?  Cheesecake is awfully rich.  Is what you’ve chosen really a decent meal?  We usually try to make sure the meal a nice meal.”  And on and on and on.  I nearly lost my shit after one email, and really felt like telling this person that if they were going to wait until nearly the last possible minute to provide input, nearly 3 weeks after I first began getting ideas from everyone…well, I very deliberately decided not to reply to the email because I was pretty sure I would have told them to go f*** themselves.  So tonight was the moment of truth.  Would the party turn out great, just ok, or be a complete disaster?  Well, I heard a couple of really good reviews about the food, they had a screamin’ deal on beer, and my boss thanked me for putting together the party and told me I was the permanent party-planner from now on (fat chance).  I figure that if it was a complete disaster that I’ll hear about it tomorrow, but if it went ok or even great I won’t hear a word.  In which case, I guess the old adage “No news is good news” will really ring true.  Can’t wait to check my email tomorrow morning.

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