My garden is alive!

It’s been a long, cold winter.  Spring is finally beginning to show signs of sticking around, so this morning I decided I was going to work in my garden and see if I could find anything new emerging from its long winter’s nap.  Last week I discovered my chives were peeking through the old senesced leaves from last year, which perked me up quite a bit, especially since it had been a cloudy week and I was in desperate need of some sunshine I was not going to get.  So I was just beside myself when I found that there is all sorts of life appearing in my garden right now: garlic (YES!!!), oregano, sage, strawberries, carrots, rhubarb, and of course, the chives.  Here are the early spring stars of my garden, in all their (infant) glory:


I found my Turkish Giant garlic poking through the leaves this morning.  Last night I noticed my Music variety has also sprouted.  My other varieties haven’t found their way to the surface yet, but I’ll keep checking…like watching a pot of water boiling, I’m a little obsessed with my garlic.  Honestly, though, purchasing seed garlic is not cheap, so you want to make sure that your investment survives the winter to give you the bounty of fresh garlic you have been dreaming about all winter.  But I just love counting new sprigs of garlic popping up in the garden every evening when I get home from work.


I didn’t get a chance to plant my oregano last fall, but I knew if I left it out over the winter in the pot, it wouldn’t survive.  What to do?  Plant the entire pot, then deal with it in the spring.  And it worked.  Just enough protection of the roots to keep this baby alive through the -26 degree F nights we had this winter.


Of all the herbs in my garden, I might be most excited about chives.  I eat enough baked potatoes with butter, salt, chipotle powder, garlic powder, sour cream, and chives to actually be Mrs. Potatohead.  But it’s quite possibly the best quick, lazy dinner ever.


I cannot wait for strawberry season.  Is there anything more to say?


I adore rhubarb as it is emerging from the ground.  At first you just see these bright pink bulbs at the surface, then the pink skin splits to reveal a hint of green, which emerges as the wrinkly baby that will soon become a humongous rhubarb leaf.  If ever there was a fun plant to watch grow, this one is on top of my list.


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