Meet the newest additions to our family–baby chicks!

Today Hubby and I went down to our local farm/ranch store and picked out 4 baby chicks to add to our flock.  I LOVE baby chicks, as they are just the most adorable things ever.  One minute they are walking around on top of each other, eating voraciously, or peeping like crazy, and then it’s like a switch was turned off:  they get very still, very quiet.  They have fallen asleep.  Sometimes they are standing, swaying like a drunken sailor; other times they lie down in a little pile with their heads on each others’ backs.  Then suddenly the “on” switch is hit, and they are up and at ’em again.  Here are the newest little girls:


This breed is an Araucana.  When she is older, she will be mostly gold, but the coolest thing about this particular breed (also known by some as the Easter Egg chickens) is they lay GREEN eggs.  They are a light mint green color and they are beautiful.


This little girl is a Gold-laced Wyandotte.  Their plumage is a beautiful black with gold edging, hence the name “gold-laced.”  They lay light brown eggs.


This photo cracks me up.  Curious little girl, isn’t she?  This is a Blue Cochin, and if you look closely, you can see she has feathers on her feet.  Her plumage is a bluish-grey color.  She is our youngest chick, and the others have already tried to eat the feathers off her feet.  I hope they don’t bully her too much.  She will lay brown eggs as well.


This feisty girl is an Ancona.  She was the first one we picked out at the farm/ranch store, and while we were waiting for the clerk to pick another breed for us, this girl jumped out of the box, and took a 4 foot drop to the concrete floor!  By the time we got home we thought maybe the fall had done her in, but she seems to be doing fine now.  No broken legs, at least.  She will be a beauty as well, with speckled black and white feathers.  She will lay white eggs.  You can tell she will lay white eggs by the color of her earlobes (the featherless area right behind her eye).  Her earlobes are white.  Brown egg layers have red earlobes.

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