An unexpected lunch date

Hubby has been out of town for the better part of the last 3 weeks.  I think over that period of time I have seen him a total of maybe 30 hours, and that includes sleeping.  So maybe it is more appropriate to say I have “been in his presence” rather than “seen” him, since the majority of that time was, in fact, while we were getting some Z’s.  Field work is taking him away from home, but the almost ironic thing is–get this–his field site is only 1 hour away.  Two jobs and 2 states ago Hubby would have just driven the 2 hours round trip every day, but this job is different.  There is a fairly large field crew involved, they are working 12 hour days for 10 days in a row, and his boss prefers he stay there because it is cheaper to pay for a motel room than to pay for fuel and overtime.  Fair enough.  And we’re used to it.  My summer schedule is 8 days on, 6 days off, but at least I get to see him (and The Stinker) every 8 days.  After Hubby’s last field stint he had to book it 2 states away to visit his daughters, who are both finished with high school.  So I got to see him for about 12 hours (again, most of that time was sleeping) and much of the time awake was him unpacking, doing laundry, re-packing.  And after his whirlwind 4 day trip to visit the offspring, the routine was repeated to prepare for yet another field expedition this week and next.

So imagine my surprise when I got a text from him last night saying he had to come to town today to drop off some soil samples at the lab for analysis.  I suggested we do lunch; he suggested a nooner.  And the follow-up texts made me blush and giggle like a virgin schoolgirl.  I can’t remember the last time we had a good ol’ lunch time romp in the hay, but it was a nice addition to my boring day at work.  The Stinker was happy to see the both of us, until she realized that we did not come home to dote on her.  Harumph.  And lunch.  Oh, yes, that.  Lunch was very good–does sex enhance the taste buds?  Hmmmm, I wonder.  I had a tomato-pesto-mozzarella Panini that was verrrrrrry cheesey, but very tasty.  Hubby had a ham Panini.  After lunch he dropped me off at work, and I walked back to my desk thinking, “I’ve got a secret…” And I had a big grin on my face the rest of the day.

It seems hard to believe that this summer will be our 10 year wedding anniversary.  In a way it seems like Hubby and I have been together forever, but it also seems hard to believe so much time has passed since we first began dating 12 years ago.  And it’s also very nice to have a fresh, spunky relationship with someone whom I love tremendously, almost more and more with each passing day.  Not that we haven’t had some rough patches over the years.  In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that there was so much stress and strain in our marriage that we weren’t sure we were going to see a 10 year wedding anniversary.  But we always talk things through and work it out and the last several months have been pretty damn good.  I think our bond is stronger now than it has ever been.  When we say “I love you” these days, there is a deep, sensual feeling to it.  I can feel it in his eyes.  I love it.  It makes me feel so warm, so happy, so content with life.  He is the one person I trust completely, the one I know who will do anything to keep me safe and do everything in his power to make me happy.  Hubby is my best friend.  I remember a little hand-painted wooden sign my mother used to have hanging in our house when I was growing up.  It said, “Happiness is being married to your best friend.”  I couldn’t agree more.

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