The day in photos

Despite being a Tuesday, there was a lot going on in my little neck of the world today.  Because I was uber productive at work today, I took off early.  It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to get out in it.  Shortly after I got home, my co-worker sent me this text: Internet fall down and go boom.  You timed your exit well.  I’d say I did!  I was, at the time, sitting outside in the sunshine reading the newspaper while presiding over a baby chick/adult chicken play date.  They are learning to be nice to one another, which is a huge relief.


It was a little shocking to see the babies next to the adult Rhodie.  The baby girls seem so big in their cardboard condo, but when you put them next to an adult, you realize that they are still, indeed, babies.  They will be moving in with their new big sister very shortly, as they are outgrowing their cardboard condo AND, most importantly, they are beginning to stink despite frequent attempts to clean out their condo.  They have cabin fever anyway.  They are ready to join the big wide world and have room to roam any time they want.

I had tap dance class tonight.  Only 11 days until our recital.  While last week’s class went really well and we had several really good practice runs of our dance, tonight was not the best for me.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t practice at all between last week’s class and this one?

After I got home from tap, I took The Stinker for a walk.  She basically gave me the stink eye all afternoon while we watched the chickens.  She wanted to go for a walk, and she wanted to go NOW.  But it was quite warm and I knew she would enjoy our walk more and not be as hot if we waited until after tap class.  She still was slow, but she was very happy afterwards.  Because it is getting so warm during the day now, we go for our runs in the mornings.  What a huge difference it makes.  When we go for afternoon runs and it is hot (to her) she always follows behind me, and by the end of our run she is waaaaay behind me.  In the mornings, she leads as we run up the trail, then she usually follows me on the way down.  Running in the morning seems to help me at work, too.  I seem more alert, even though I also ride my bike in for the 1.25 mile trip, and I have been very, very productive lately.  It feels good.  I’m not falling asleep by mid-afternoon, and because I’m getting so much done, I can take of a little early, go home, and play with the chickens or in the garden.

Speaking of the garden, there are exciting things going on:  radishes sprouted last week and are putting out true leaves, my carrots are sprouting (finally), my snow peas are growing, and my strawberries are beginning to flower!  I’m so excited for strawberries.


Last year I planted my snow peas around tomato cages as a trellis support.  The cages weren’t doing anything else useful that early in the season, so I thought it was a good way to multi-task my garden equipment.  I liked the results so much that I did it again this year.


Won’t be long before the anthers are ripe with pollen and a big ol’ fat bumblebee will be waddling around in the flower, collecting pollen grains that will produce me some juicy strawberries, thank you very much!  For now I will be content with the promise of strawberries represented by the cute little flowers.

Tonight I also transplanted some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings that my neighbor gave me the other day.  They were definitely root-bound and showing signs of stress, and because I have no empty garden boxes right now, I had to transplant them into bigger pots.  That should buy them a little time until Hubby gets home (TOMORROW!!) and we can get another garden box built.  I’ve cleared the sod in the yard and we have the lumber, already cut, so all we have to do it put it together.  Hopefully I’ll have a garden box by Thursday evening, if all goes well.

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