The new chicken coop is coming along…slowly

Hubby, The Stinker, and I spent our Memorial Day weekend almost entirely outside working on the chicken coop, building garden boxes, and weeding the orchard-in-progress.  Hubby spent most of his time working on the chicken coop.  I prepped the ground for the garden boxes, he assembled one (we still need materials for the next one), I installed it, and shoveled 1 cubic yard of good garden soil into it.  I also did the weeding.  The Stinker played with rocks.  It was a good, productive weekend and we were exhausted Monday night.  Hubby didn’t quite make as much progress on the coop as he’d liked, but he is not a carpenter and he tends to think things through…verrrrrrrry thoroughly….before each step in the construction process.  This makes progress very slow which also frustrates him.  I help when I am needed, then I try to ignore him and go to another part of the yard to do my work.


Here’s where we were Saturday night.  Hubby got 3 of the walls framed up with a spot for the window on the far wall and the doors on the right side.  And here’s where we are tonight:


We put the roof on tonight, and just barely missed some rain showers.  It rained last night, so we got no work done on it at all yesterday.  More rain is forecast for this weekend and into early next week, which means we are going to have to hustle and get the other side of the roof finished and get the siding on, window and doors installed, and the nest boxes built and attached to the outside of the near wall.  That’s a lot to get done.  And the baby chicks are outgrowing their condo….they need a new home soon!

My chives are out of control.  They are about to bloom, and they have grown so much that I need thin them out.  So tonight I cut several leaves and they are in my dehydrator drying right now.  My house smells very strongly of chives, too.


I love chives on my baked potatoes, but I tend to forget about them in the garden or I tend to not use them during the spring and summer when they are fresh and wish I had them in the winter.  My new resolution is to keep cutting and dehydrating them so as to not let them go to waste–which seems silly, but I’ve not had chives in my garden before last summer, so it’s sort of a new thing for me to think about.  It’s good practice to get me in preserving mode because I pick up my first CSA share next Tuesday and I know we are not going to be able to eat all of the produce every week, so I will be canning, freezing, and drying a lot of stuff this summer.

Hubby, The Stinker, and I go for an evening walk every day.  Over the weekend we did a very nice hike and the balsamroot is in full bloom right now.  It was a beautiful hike:


I absolutely love, love, love where I live.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a job that I love in such a beautiful place.  Hubby and I both agree that we are lucky to be in such a great place that has everything we want–The Stinker also loves it here.  Every time we take a walk we take a moment to smile, reflect on our good fortune, and remind ourselves to not take this beautiful place for granted.

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