No CSA share–what a disappointing day

I’ve been looking forward to this day for several weeks now.  It was supposed to be the first pick up day of my CSA share.  Yesterday I got an email, which I was expecting because we are supposed to get an email on Mondays that tell us what will be in our share for the week; however, when I saw the subject line in this email I immediately suspected something bad was up.  And I was right.  Our CSA is fairly small (I don’t know the exact number of growers or share holders), basically run by one guy and a few volunteers (?) who act as secretary and help with food distribution on share pick-up days.  Some big emergency happened that prevented this week’s share from being ready for pick up today.  But even worse was the news that this emergency seems to have threatened the ENTIRE 20 week CSA share–they were talking full refunds!!  I can only imagine that something catastrophic happened, as I know the passion the executive director has for this CSA, it’s growers, and members.  I don’t know yet what is going to happen, but it sounds like they are going to brainstorm some options for us members that might allow us to still get some fresh produce this summer.  I’m curious to learn more about this developing situation.  So much for fresh lettuce and radishes this week, which I have been dreaming about for days now.  I purposely did NOT go to the grocery store this past weekend because I was waiting to see what all we got in our share for the week, so I have been eeking out each meal with what I can scrounge from the pantry, fridge, and freezer.  Things are starting to get desperate, as I have been subsisting on cereal, bean burritos, and peanut butter sandwiches and I have exhausted each of these items in my house.  I’m so sad tonight…I guess I’m going to have to run to the grocery store tomorrow evening.

I guess it’s a good thing I have such a large garden planned for this year.  Unfortunately, it’s off to a sort of slow start (my fault for being a little late getting some things in the ground) so the only thing I have been able to harvest thus far is rhubarb.  Things are coming along, though, and tonight Hubby and I bought materials to put in 2 more boxes this week, which are desperately needed so I can plant my tomatoes and peppers.  I love watering my garden every day and looking for weeds to pluck and new growth of soon-to-be yummy veggies like carrots, lettuce, snow peas, and potatoes:


Hubby said the other day, “Looks like you’ve got a few weeds coming up in your box.”  I said, “These are carrots.”  Good thing he’s not in charge of the gardening around here.


My snow peas have gone nuts over the past several days.  I will be seeing flowers soon!  My potatoes have finally made their way above ground, too, as you can see behind the peas.


I’m ready for lettuce!  Unfortunately, these aren’t quite ready for harvest yet.


My garlic is looking fantastic.  They should start sending up scapes any day now.  I took the advice of a co-worker last summer and made a garlic pesto with the scapes.  It was Oh. So. Good.  I’m definitely doing that again this summer.  It also freezes well, which was a very pleasant surprise this past winter when I found a pack of frozen garlic pesto that I’d forgotten about.  We had some fantastic roasted vegetables for dinner that evening…

The chicken coop is also coming along and should be inhabitable by this weekend.  It has been an all-consuming project for us these past few weeks.  Also, as an aside, I had my tap recital last weekend, and consequently had rehearsals practically EVERY day last week.  This meant little to no progress on the coop after work.  Fortunately my tap partner couldn’t make the Wednesday rehearsal so I got one day off.  The recital was fun, and we nailed our performance, but I’m glad to have a break for the summer.  Ok….back to the coop:  I’ll be so glad when it is finally finished so we can do something else in the evenings like weed some of the flower beds that are looking very shabby, do some repairs inside the house, or just relax one night on the deck.  We haven’t had a chance to do that in ages because we’ve been so busy with yard work and chicken coop-building.  At least we get out on our hikes with The Stinker every evening–that’s a must.  And Stinker and I have been doing our runs every morning as well.  She loves, loves, loves them as do I…but back to the chickens.  We’ve been leaving the not-so-baby girls outside during the days and then taking them inside at night.  They are loving being out in their new territory and they HATE being put inside at night.  It’s a particular challenge to capture these little rascals now that they are getting larger and faster.  I’m sure Hubby and I are great entertainment to our neighbors as we chase the girls around the orchard each evening.  Hopefully we only have a few more days of this circus because I’m not sure how much longer Hubby and I can keep this up.  Here’s the latest progress on the coop:


I need to paint the floor and inside of the nest boxes this week after work.  Then Hubby can put in the insulation and paneling on the walls.  Once that is done the coop should be inhabitable.  Then I can finish painting the outside.  It’s been a long process, but once it’s finished the girls will have a nice cozy place to call home each night.

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