Our local CSA survives!

I am so relieved!  I got an email yesterday morning from our CSA that our full shares will be available for pick up this summer, they will just be delayed for a few weeks.  So that means our first pick up will be June 24, 3 weeks after pick up was supposed to begin.  But that also means that our shares will run through early November, so we will get some fall produce as well.  Exciting!  I was so happy I nearly jumped out of my chair at work.  I still have no idea what big emergency caused the Great CSA Panic of 2014…I am going to see if I can volunteer to help out with share distributions some this summer, though.  I really want this to be a successful venture, and I want to get more involved.  I’ve already talked with the Executive Director about writing a CSA blog.  I’m not sure if it will be a completely separate blog or just a side project of this one.  I’m mulling over ideas in my head to see what the best approach will be.

The latest CSA news has me jazzed, but there is also that disappointment of knowing that since the CSA share pick ups are pushed back a few weeks, that means I won’t be eating any fresh salads for a while.  The lettuce in my garden just isn’t quite ready yet, but I am beginning to harvest radishes.  Hubby loves radishes.  I like them on salads and veggie sandwiches, but to just bite into a radish and eat it–that’s not my thing.  They are just too spicy on their own for my taste.  But they sure are pretty little red gems right out of the garden:


As you can see, today’s harvest also included an egg.  I am looking forward to the day the babies begin to lay eggs so we can collected 2 or 3 eggs per day.  I’m hoping for late summer…

Tonight I went to a little veggie taco dinner party at a friend’s house.  One of our friends has pancreatitis and has to eat a very low-fat diet.  To be all-inclusive in our menu planning, we all try to make mostly fat-free or low fat dishes so that our friend doesn’t feel left out.  I made rice, beans, and fat-free cupcakes.  The cupcakes were a bit experimental and a HUGE hit.  I will post the recipe tomorrow, as I am too tired to post it tonight.  I hear my bed calling my name.

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