One more garden box planted!

How long ago did my boss give me those 9 tomato transplants?  Three weeks, maybe?  Maybe it hasn’t been that long, but it seems like it.  Well tonight they finally found their way into the ground.  All 11 of them (my co-worker gave me 2 more a couple of weekends ago).  By August this box will be nothing but a jungle of tomato plants, as I sort of like to let them go all out and get a little crazy.  I know about half of the varieties: Abraham Lincoln, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Pruden’s Purple, and Pantano Romanesco.  The rest were labeled obscure things like 9, 13, 14, QY 7, and CC 2 (I at least know that one is a cherry tomato of some kind).  I think my boss may know what these are if I ask her…but I’m not sure it’s all that important.  At least they look nice in their box:


People walking by on the sidewalk stop to check out my garden and I hear them identifying some of my stuff, like the garlic and chives.  I not-so-secretly love this.  It’s a little unusual in the U.S. for people to rip up their front lawn to plant a garden, but it’s becoming more popular.  With the PVC hoops draped with bird netting to keep the deer out, it looks like we have a wagon train in our front yard, but that’s part of the charm.  Our plan is to have 12 boxes total.  We now have 7 garden boxes, and I have chopped the sod next to this box so I can remove it tomorrow evening after work.  Hubby will build the box and we have soil to fill it at least part way, but we will need some more before I can plant my peppers.  I have to get them in the ground this week though, because I leave for the field next Monday and I will be gone for 8 days.  Hubby will have to water everything for me while I am gone.  And I will request he do no weeding…otherwise we might not harvest any carrots this summer!

The chickens have spent a couple of nights in their new coop now, and tonight was the first night that they all went in on their own.  The first couple of nights we still had to chase them down and put them inside the coop because they had no clue what they were supposed to do.  Tonight we had to help Little Miss Blue in, but then she came back out, then went back inside on her own a few minutes later.  Hubby was especially frustrated that we still had to help them figure this process out, in part because he had to do a belly crawl to get to Little Blue, who was under the coop, in order to grab her to put her in the coop.  I think (hope) we are finally finished with the chicken rodeo roundup routine.  Hubby’s other chicken annoyance is that the girls aren’t using their perch.  He spent a lot of time designing it and building it, and I don’t even think they have been on it yet.  The Rhodie would usually sleep on top of the nest box in her old coop, and the little girls slept in a dog pile on the floor in their condo because we never put a little practice perch in it for them.  Our bad.  Miss Rhodie has taught the little ones a bad habit already:  they all sleep inside the nest boxes.  It’s actually quite funny because the little ones all pile into one nest box.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen when they reach adult size and only 1 or 2 of them will fit into a nest box.  Maybe they will all just sleep in a pile on the floor.  Maybe they will learn to use their perch.  Who knows.  One thing is for certain, though, we do not have normal chickens…

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