It happened: our first CSA pick up!


Yesterday was our first CSA pick up of the season.  After the Great CSA Panic of 2014, it was a relief to actually witness it and haul home a whole bunch of spring greens.  My half share included 1 huge bunch of bok choy, an equally huge head of romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, lacinato kale, garlic scapes, cilantro, and oregano.  For being the first booty of the year, it was quite a spread!

I volunteered at the pick up and got to set up some of the veggies on tables so members could select their produce.  We had 60 of everything, except the bok choy, which was supposed to weigh 0.5 pounds each, but actually weighed closer to 2 pounds!  So only 15 members got bok choy this week; the rest will receive theirs next week.  It was exciting to see all this food, knowing it was grown locally, and that there were so many people that wanted to eat it!  And if you have ever wanted to know what 60 bunches of rainbow Swiss chard looks like, well, you are in luck:


In addition to helping at the pick up, I also volunteered to write a newsletter for our members that I envision will contain recipes on how to use each week’s bounty and interviews with our producers so that our members will actually get to know a little bit about their farmer and how their food is being raised.  I ALSO volunteered to be an interim board member, which may or may not turn into a long-term thing.  We’ll see how it goes for now and what my time commitment will have to be.  But this is something that I am passionate about, so I hope to keep a high level of involvement to help this fledgling CSA blossom into the sustainable entity I know it has the potential to be.

Today I harvested a nice variety of produce from our garden: more garlic scapes, some baby Swiss chard, a head of Bibb lettuce (my favorite!), the rest of the radishes, and some dill leaves:


Last night we had salad for dinner using some of the romaine, garlic scapes, and cilantro from the CSA and radishes from our garden.  Tonight I built on the leftover salad and added the baby Swiss chard leaves, some dill, and hard boiled eggs (courtesy of Miss Rhodie).  Hubby is a little concerned that we are going to eat nothing but salads the rest of the summer, but I promised him that tomorrow night I would make a bok choy stir fry.  I think I might use some of the Swiss chard on a pizza (a total experiment I’ve got rumbling around in my head, and I’ll keep you posted on whether it is a disaster or not).  And for the kale, I plan to make kale chips.  I had some for the first time a few weeks ago at a dinner party, and they were delicious!  When I told Hubby about the kale chips, he laughed.  Then he laughed harder.  “They are not like Fritos,” I told him, “but they are really good.  Trust me.”  More laughter.  And the long, uphill battle to better nutrition begins…

And on a completely different topic:  while I was in the field last week, my field partner and I talked a lot about The Stinker and I mused out loud that if something were to happen to me, like I was injured or being threatened, would she try to protect me?  The Stinker is not really known around our house as a guard dog, but more of a “watch” dog, as in, watching the world go by from her deck in the back yard.  Well, this morning I learned where I stand on the Guard-o-meter:  dead last.  As we were running down a trail that has pretty thick forest on one side, I heard her make her Scooby Doo whine that she always makes when she gets a little wigged out.  I turned around to see her run past me and then keep on going.  I have no idea what she saw.  It could have been a deer, a mountain lion, or a leaf blowing in the wind.  I’ll never know.  But one thing I do know:  she will save her own ass first before she saves momma.  And really, I’m okay with that.  I am the great protector, the one who reassures her during thunderstorms, the one who doctors her up when she cuts her foot or punctures her back on a stick while rolling around on the ground.  Given her mellow personality, I have never expected her to try to protect me if I were in danger (which is why I carry my cell phone when we run), but I was always curious what would happen if a situation were to arise.  And now I know.

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