The chicken coop is finally finished–for real!

What a relief tonight!  We have finished the coop.  All buttoned up and totally waterproofed.  This after it rained every day this week.  Hard rain, too.  But today was the first day that it did not rain, and it was windy, which allowed everything to dry out nicely so we could put up the final trim and do the last of the caulking to make out little coop solid against any weather.  Bring it on, Mother Nature.  The trim boards really make it look finished:


Now we can move on to other projects around the house and maybe go out and do something fun, like kayaking or camping, which we haven’t done at all yet this year.  That will change soon, though.  I demand it.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that all the baby chicks sleep in the same nest box.  No one has used the perch yet to the best of our knowledge, and it may never get used.  Who knows.  But tonight I finally got some photos of all the girls settling in for the night in their box, and it is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.  Here is the circus act:


All 4 birds are actually in the box right now–you can barely see the Gold-laced Wyandotte’s head above the Ancona’s head and below the Araucana’s rear end.


Everyone is still jockeying for the best sleeping position, whatever that may be.  The Ancona appears to have found her sweet spot for the evening.


Finally!  Everyone seems to have found their place, although there is probably a good chance this will change before all is said and done.  At this point I decided to stop playing paparazzi and leave them be.  Good night, little girls.  You weirdos.


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