Snow peas living up to their name


I managed to pull 3 tiny pea pods off my plants on Sunday before the winter weather arrived.  Surprisingly, they weren’t really all that tasty–I expected the chilly weather would sweeten them up, but they had a bitter taste to them.  I guess that’s the consolation for not getting to harvest a bunch of fall snow peas, so no big loss.  This afternoon as it began to snow again, I thought I’d get one final look at them, because they were beautiful plants in the garden, after all.  The snow added a nice touch to the green shoots and off-white blooms.  After tonight’s hard, hard freeze (about 5 degrees F above 0 is forecast) they won’t look this perky tomorrow morning.


Tuesday is going to be a cold one at the CSA pick up.  It’s the first week of our fall share.  Ha!  Fall…that was so last week.  I will be bundled up in my snow boots and plenty o’ layers to keep me warm in the cold 4-H building.  I was cold in that building during the summer when it was in the 80s outside, so I am not really looking forward to tomorrow’s freeze-fest.  But I am looking forward to the broccoli, parsnips, onions, potatoes, and cheese coming with our share.

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