Busy week, busy weekend, big life changes ahead

A lot has happened this week:  Hubby and I completed our first week of workouts at the gym, I spent several hours working in the evening to complete a project for my second job (yay!), and Friday afternoon I met with my doctor about surgery.  I’m going to focus on the first two for now.  The last bit deserves its own post.  And a fair warning for content.

But for now….

The Gym:

Last Saturday Hubby and I joined a gym and on Sunday we went for our first workout.  Although Hubby originally told me he did not want to do Zumba, he also decided, in a moment of neurosis Sunday morning, that he could not possibly keep himself occupied for an entire hour by himself.  So he went to Zumba (and on the drive over tried to psyche himself up to bounce around “like a drunk chicken.”  His words, not mine).  But you know what??  He loved it.  So much so that he is excited to go back.  How’s that for opening your mind and changing your perspective??  It didn’t hurt that there was a couple from my tap class attending Zumba that day as well, so Hubby wasn’t the only dude in the class.  But it was still about 98% women.  He said that doesn’t bother him, as long as I’m there with him.  But he will not go to Zumba without me.  I can live with that.

And talk about a workout!  Wow, did we sweat hard!!  It felt great, too.  It wasn’t as Latin as I thought it might be, which in a way, was a good thing.  There were a lot of regular aerobics moves that I remembered from taking an aerobics class in a previous life, so I picked up on the choreography pretty quickly.  Hubby was lost for the most part (he wasn’t the only one) but the nice thing about that class is no one is paying attention to you.  So you can pretty much do whatever you want.  And really, the most important thing about an aerobics class is to keep moving.  As long as you are moving, you are burning calories and getting the desired effect—a great workout.  It’s nice not to feel self-conscious and intimidated.  This gym not pretentious at all—that’s not to say it’s a slouch of a gym, because it’s not.  But everyone I’ve met so far is incredibly nice and helpful, and not judgmental.  They just want you to have a good time and work to improve yourself.  I like that.

After Zumba Hubby asked if I wanted to stay for the CXworx class.  Even though I was tired, I did.  So he agreed to stay, even though he was wiped out.  (He forgot Zumba was an hour, so about half way through, when he thought we were close to the end, he ramped up his intensity…and then wore himself out prematurely!  Whoops.)  So this core strengthening class was an ab-kicker, literally.  We used bands and weights and our own body weight for resistance and I found out very quickly that I could not do everything.  But I wasn’t the only one.  At one point I looked over at Hubby, and he was face down on his mat, arms out at his side, pained look on his face.  He said, “I don’t know who’s ass sweat has been on this mat, but I don’t care.  I can’t move.”   That made me giggle and I almost lost control of my weights.  I’m just glad I didn’t drop them on my head.  Later he told me that he’d like to get our own yoga mats for the class instead of using the community mats at the gym.  I think that’s a good idea.  I would much prefer to wallow in my own ass sweat than someone else’s.

Tuesday afternoon we met with a trainer who showed us how to use the weight machines.  She set us up on a routine, too.  There are 9 weight machines, so we do 1 machine, then we do squats, sit ups, lunges, planks/hovers, arm dips, or some other exercise, then run 2 laps.  Then we do the next weight machine, and do squats, sit ups, etc. again, so we alternate exercises. Yikes!  That sounded like a bit of an ass-kicker (and it is).  We didn’t have time to do a full workout Tuesday, since we went in the afternoon and we had to go back to work, so we decided to go back Thursday afternoon.  Since this was my first time lifting weights since high school, I took it a little easy.  Hubby and I both decided to do 2 weight machines, then the squats, sit ups, laps, then 2 more machines.  That worked out well for us.  It was still a really good workout and it only took about an hour, so by the time we got showered we were only gone from work for about an hour and a half.  It was a nice way to break up the afternoon.  Suffice it to say, even 2 days later, I’m still just a little bit sore in my arms and butt (from all those lunges).  It’s a good sore, though.  Tomorrow is Zumba and CXworx again.  I’m excited, but also a little bit terrified since I’m still a little sore…things might get interesting tomorrow.

The Second Job:

Hubby and I both have full-time jobs, but we are still involved in a project we started way back in 2008 at our previous jobs in a different state.  This project officially ends at the end of the month, so we’re trying to get it wrapped up and off our backs.  It will be nice to have time in the evenings to do something other than work.  What will I do with an extra 2-3 hours every night after work?  Well, let’s see:   cook a great meal, read gardening catalogs and gardening books, learn to play the guitar, learn sign language, spend more time writing my blog, write my book I’ve been putting off for years, go to the gym, watch a movie, or maybe even start a new knitting project.  I think I can find ways to fill my time.

I’m just about finished with my part of the project that I’ve spent the last several months working on, but Hubby hasn’t been as diligent about working on his part.  Which means….that’s right: suddenly this whole project has turned into one big stress ball.  I understand not wanting to work on it.  I do.  I don’t want to work on it, either, but I have to if I ever want it to leave my life.  Hubby’s approach is to not think about it until it’s absolutely almost too late.  He’s always said he works best under pressure—the problem is, he’s a crab ass when he’s under pressure.  So how is that fair to me?  The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that there are a finite number of days in December.  Soon this will all be over and we can both move on with our lives.  I even have to put off having surgery until early next year because of this stupid project deadline.  But come the end of the month, the pressure and stress will be lifted, and we will both be happier for it, despite the misery that awaits us over the next few weeks.

Even after a busy, exhausting week, Hubby and I had a good and productive day.  I made a ridiculously rich, yet delicious, caramel-nut chocolate pie today, plus a fantastic potato soup for dinner.  We had a nice late afternoon/early evening hike with The Stinker, managed to get a good ol’ romp in the hay in this afternoon between doing 3 loads of laundry (That will usually help with stress, huh?  I mean the romp in the hay, not the laundry.), and Hubby packed for his trip this week for work.  We did not make it up to the ski hill, but the weather was warm today and we think the snow might have gotten pretty funky.  At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves to make ourselves feel better for not going.  It’s still early in the season, though my season will be even shorter with the looming surgery, but I will still get some good skiing in before I go under the knife.  It’s supposed to snow this week so Hubby and I will head up there next weekend to hit some fresh powder.  Bring on the snow!

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