It’s not too early to be starting seeds


It never ceases to amaze me that a tiny little seed, like this miniscule little English Thyme seed above, can grow into a large plant that will supply me with copious amounts of food.  What a miracle these little packets of endosperm are to be able to sit in my refrigerator for years and still germinate when supplied with nothing more than a little bit of warmth and water.

I planted these seeds on Saturday.  We were supposed to go for a hike Saturday, but it was cold on Saturday morning.  When I took Stinker for her morning neighborhood walk, it was cold and overcast.  It felt like snow.  Sure enough, minutes later there were little flakes of white falling from the sky.  And it snowed, flurried really, all day long.  We got about 1/2″ total of snowfall.  The weather conditions didn’t really put me in the mood for going for a hike, so I did the next best thing–started some seeds instead.

I got a bunch of seeds in the mail on Friday, and I was anxious to get some of them planted.  I’m starting bulbing onion and shallot seeds so that I’ll have nice, healthy transplants later this spring.  In addition, I started some of the slower-to-germinate seeds, like parsley and lavender.  I also decided to start a few salad greens–some Tom Thumb lettuce, Purple ruffles basil, bunching onions, and English Thyme.  On average in the past, I have noticed some of my seeds germinating within 4 or 5 days of planting, but this morning I noticed the Enlish Thyme and Tom Thumb lettuce (below) were already germinating!  Less than 72 hours after I planted them!  Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

And to end the day on a really good note, my seedling heat mats arrived today.  So now I can take my seeds down to the basement and put them under the grow lights, but also keep them warm.  And I will go down every day to check on them and talk to them and encourage them to keep on sproutin’ and growin’ for me.  I have big plans for all of them.


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