All Systems GO!

I did it!  I made it to my 6 week post op check up today and my doctor gave me the green light to resume all normal activities.  Although at times this date has seemed light years away, the 6 weeks went pretty quickly and I can’t believe that I actually have to go back to work Monday.  I’ve kind of gotten used to spending my days walking/hiking with The Stinker, reading, cooking, teaching myself ASL (American Sign Language), and going to the gym every. single. day. to walk on the treadmill for an hour.  But getting back to my pre-surgery routine will be good, too, it will just take a little adjustment after having been out of that routine for so long.

Since the weather has been so beautiful here lately, and melted all of our snow, Stinker and I have been hitting the trails every day.  This morning I told her that if my doc gave me the okay, I’d take her for a (gentle, so as not to kill myself) trail run this afternoon.  And so we shall.  I suspect this will turn out to be more of a jog/walk sort of endeavor, as I have lost most of my stamina over the past 6 weeks, but no matter…I’m going for a trail run!

And finally, one last Hysterectomy Haiku to celebrate my successful (and, for the most part, amazingly easy) recovery:

The end. I did it! / The hard work paid off for me. / Hit the trails and run!

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