Skiing again

Snapshot 1 (2-27-2015 9-38 PM)

Action shot from Hubby’s helmet cam.

Since I was really productive my first week back at work, I decided to take the afternoon off so Hubby and I could hit the ski slopes.  This was my first time skiing since about January4th and only my 3rd time up to the ski hill this season.  My first couple of turns had me a little worried that the afternoon was going to consist of me flailing around as I felt very uncomfortable.  But after just a few turns, something clicked (maybe my muscles really did remember what to do!) and I began linking parallel turns.  I took the opportunity today to stay on the lower lift and practice my technique, which was something I really needed to do and it seems to have paid off.  Case in point: Hubby scouted one run that I really like and he said it was good, with a little fresh powder even, so I decided I would give it a try.  I was happy to see that they had cleared some more trees to open up some really nice glades that were full of powder!  I wasn’t sure I was ready to tackle powder yet, but I dived in (go big or go home) and I was rewarded big time.  That was some of the funnest skiing I have ever done, and we ended up skiing that same run another 3 times.  And for whatever reason, my skiing technique was really good today, probably the best I’ve ever skied.  Hubby was completely blown away that my skiing looked this good after my surgery, especially considering I have not skied that much this season.  Quite frankly, I surprised the hell out of myself with how well I skied.

We are supposed to get some more snow Monday and Tuesday, so it has already been decided that we are going to play hooky from work Wednesday afternoon and hit the slopes again.  Why not?  I missed a large chunk of the ski season and the snow won’t stick around forever, so I need to enjoy it while I can, right?

Oh, and I already polished off my homemade chocolate hazelnut spread.  Skiing will make you do some crazy things.

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1 Response to Skiing again

  1. Gwenvir says:

    Well deserved chocolate hazelnut spread!

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