Shitty days are made better by coloring–and running


I was so excited for this weekend.  Yesterday was beautiful and sunny–a great day for using the solar oven, but alas I was stuck at work preparing to move cubicles to get away from a toxic employee.  I knew the weekend forecast had changed from “supposed to be sunny” to “partly cloudy” but I had hopes I could still break out the solar oven and cook up some vittles while I worked in the garden.

When I got up this morning at the leisurely hour of 8 o’clock, I checked the weather station before I took Stinker for her morning walk.  It was 55 degrees F outside.  Yowsers!  All week morning lows have been in the upper 20s, so I was not expecting this pleasant walking weather.  That put a pep in my step as we headed out the door sans hat and gloves.  When we got home, I put on my gardening cowgirl hat and hit the yard with short sleeves and a fleece vest.  Within 20 minutes I had to go inside to put on a long-sleeved shirt because the clouds began to thicken and the wind picked up a little bit.  Within an hour I checked the weather station again because I was now shivering–the temperature had dropped to 45 degrees and it was full on cloudy, looking of rain, with the wind now at blowing at a clip I will refer to as “annoying” for working outside.  This definitely put my mood on the sour side.  The final straw–when I looked up at the sky and said, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” was when I was trying to roll up some sheets of plastic and the wind kept blowing them around so that I couldn’t do anything but crumble them into a gnarly ball, shove them in the wheelbarrow, and stomp inside, cursing the weather gods.

So much for a nice weekend of yard work.  Normally this wouldn’t bother me like it did today, but for some reason I’m feeling fragile today and all I wanted to do was work outside and get a lot of yard and garden work done.  Instead, I felt like pulling out my new coloring book, sitting in front of the fire, and eating a chocolate bar.  So that’s what I did. Harumph.

Did you know there are coloring books for adults now?  I just learned about this and bought several on Amazon last week, two of which are backordered because apparently, this new trend is like kale in the food world–everybody’s jumped on the bandwagon, including me.  I love coloring, I just haven’t done it much lately.  So when I saw these beautiful grown-up versions of coloring books, I knew I had to have one…or three.  I even take it to work with me because occasionally there are times when my computer is running a tool in which I have about 45 minutes to kill because I can’t do anything else, so coloring seems like a reasonable way to spend that time–and, until I move, it puts me in my Zen Zone when my co-worker is driving me nuts.

I did do a few other things around the house today that were more productive than coloring and eating chocolate.  I vacuumed, did two loads of laundry, roasted some vegetables in the inside oven, and made a menu and grocery list so I can go grocery shopping this evening.  Hubby and I are going to take Stinker for a run this evening, too.  She’s been doing very well on our hikes lately.  About a week and a half ago I took her to the vet for her first allergy shot of the season and ever since then, she’s been as spry as a puppy.  I think the steroid in the shot has helped with the inflammation in her joints that was giving her problems.  We’ve done several 2-3 mile hikes, plus 2 runs this week and she’s shown no signs of slowing down.  She’ll be excited to do a nice run this evening because it will be cool and we can let her take a dip in the water on our way to the trailhead.  I’m looking forward to a run to help release the negative energy pent up in my body from today’s frustrations.  The coloring helped, as did a nap, but nothing compares to some hard physical exertion to literally “sweat it all out.”

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