Garden mania is in full swing


I’ve been quiet on the blogging homefront lately because life has suddenly gotten obscenely busy.  Work has taken a busy turn:  my supervisor is leaving for another job in 3 weeks and a co-worker is probably going to need heart surgery due to a faulty valve–this has left a lot of things up in the air, but I do know that I will be assuming some extra responsibility here very soon.  Not that this is exactly a bad thing.  The thing I dislike most about my job is the boredom, so picking up some extra work (and perhaps a little extra moolah in my paycheck) will at least allow me to stretch some brain cells a little bit.  We shall see.

In addition to the shake up at work, the garden is exploding right now, just like it should be.  Hubby just built me 2 more boxes last weekend, so I’m up to 10.  Only 2 more to go, plus an herb box in another spot that isn’t good for much of anything else.  We have been getting a lot of rain lately, not like Houston rain thankfully, but for the past week or so we’ve been getting little showers and thunderstorms almost every evening.  It’s been great.  I’ve hardly had to water, except when I transplant things.  I’ve been eating a ton of spinach, and plenty of other things like lettuce, radishes, chives, dill, oregano, sage, pak choy, Chinese cabbage, kale, rhubarb, and asparagus.  Then in addition to my own garden boxes I’ve got one plot at the community garden that I share with 2 other women. There’s always weeding to be done out there and I’ve been trying to get my corn and some squashes planted.  I’ve just secured a 2nd plot at the community garden because I’m quickly realizing that I do not have the space (and Hubby does not have the time to build more garden boxes right now) to plant my 4 dozen tomato plants and 3 dozen peppers, plus some sweet potatoes, beans, and a menagerie of other squashes I want to plant.  And last week I just placed an order for 5 more garlic varieties that will arrive this fall.  That brings my total garlic varieties to 22.  I have garlic mania.  Sigh.  If I could buy this little farm I found in a beautiful valley about 2.5 hours from here, I would grow a hundred varieties of garlic, plus tons of other veggies.  But alas, I am not independently wealthy, and I doubt I could raise nearly $280,000 on GoFundMe to buy it.  Plus Hubby likes his job, blah, blah, blah, and doesn’t want to quit.  So I will just have to wait for the farm and garden like a maniac on my 2 community garden plots and in my own yard.

IMG_8791IMG_8792IMG_8793IMG_8796 IMG_8800IMG_8798

Growing garden: Top row, L to R: artichokes and lettuce, garlic galore.  Middle Row, L to R: chives are blooming, purple pak choy.  Bottom: volunteer cilantro coming up around my potatoes, we are going to have boatloads of strawberries.

In addition to life here at home, the Project From Another State that we were supposed to finish up last year has reared its ugly head because we did not, in fact, complete it last year.  It is now known as the Project From Another Sate That Will Never End.  We’ve been working on it a lot lately because the pressure has finally gotten unbearable and a finished product is needed.  This happened just in time for Hubby’s job here to get incredibly busy–he learned on Friday that he has until the end of June to complete ALL the work he thought he had until the end of September to complete.  This has not helped things.

Oh, and stepdaughter #2 is coming to live with us next week.  Not quite in college yet.  Looking for a job.  Are we ready to have another human living in our house?  No.  There’s still plenty to do to prepare for her arrival.  Stress is increasing exponentially at our house right now.  I wonder when it will peak?  And does all this mean that Hubby and I are not going to get to go exploring our beautiful state this summer?  I don’t think it will completely kill our summer, but I don’t think we’ll do as much backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and camping as we originally thought we would.  But there’s always next year, right?

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