The Crazy Garden Lady


You know those old ladies who will adopt any and every stray cat or dog that comes across her path?  Well, I think I’m starting to earn a reputation as The Crazy Garden Lady. Have orphaned plants?  I’ll take them!  Today I adopted plants from 2 people–about 2 dozen sweet corn plants from Hubby’s boss and a half dozen or so red cabbage plants from my neighbor across the street.  I guess it’s a good thing I have that extra community garden plot because I’m going to need the extra room.  I still have dozens of tomatoes and peppers to plant…I know how I’ll be spending some of my weekend.

I spent time in my own garden tonight harvesting strawberries, rhubarb, and cilantro.  The rhubarb has already set seed, and it needed to be thinned out.  I chopped and chopped and chopped and filled a huge bag–I wouldn’t be surprised if it weighed 10 pounds.  The cilantro is about to bolt, so I cut as much as I could and still leave the tops intact for the flowers.  The bees will be all over the flowers in a few days and then I’ll have more cilantro this fall and again next spring.  Oh, and strawberries.  I found about 8 or 9 ripe strawberries hidden in the strawberry patch!  They have already been eaten.  Fresh strawberries = bliss.  My sweet peas are coming along nicely.  The golden sweet peas have small peas on them now and I might be able to make my first harvest this weekend:


The golden sweet peas have some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen in a pea–they are purple, but they are bicolored!  The banner is lavender and the wing and keel are maroon.

And the garlic scapes are finally forming!  I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the garlic popped out of the soil in April.  And with 300+ plants, I’m going to make a boatload of garlic scape pesto.  I actually ran out this winter, and that made me sad.  So this year I plan to have plenty in the freezer all winter.


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