Into the woods I go

Tomorrow morning a girlfriend and I are heading into the wilderness for a quick 3-day backpacking trip.  Every single camping trip I had planned this summer got thwarted for one reason or another, so dammit, this one’s going to happen!  I haven’t left town for 4 months, and I feel the need to get out, hug a tree, commune with rocks and marmots, sleep in a tent, and shit in the woods.  If only for 3 days.   I’m so excited for this trip.

To prep for this trip I’ve been busy drying tomatoes for snacking on the trail, making fruit leather, experimenting with veggie leather, mixing up homemade instant oatmeal, and trying to locate all my backpacking gear I haven’t used for 2 years.  And, since everything in the garden is ripening, I’ve been processing tomatoes, jellies, and cooking up a storm in order to use up all the produce that has been inundating the house lately.  I have some recipes to share, but they will have to wait until I return.  Jalapeno popper cornbread muffins, anyone? (They are bomber, if I may say so myself.)

On a side note, Stinker is recovering well from knee surgery.  It’s been just over 1 week and she’s already tugging at the leash to go for longer, faster hikes.  Still 6 weeks and 4 days to go before she can go off-leash, so we’ve got a bit of a challenge ahead of us.  At least she listens well when I tell her to ‘slow down’ and ‘no jumping’ (it’s more like bouncing, really, because she wants to play); I think deep down she knows this is for her own best interest in the long run.  When we met with the physical therapist earlier this week, she was surprised at how well Stinker was doing 1 week post-surgery–and for being 10 years old.  That made me happy.  I’m going to have my trail running partner back this winter, I just know it!

And now I’m off to locate my sleeping bag, water filter, and hydration bladder, among other things.  Then it’s into the woods I go!

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2 Responses to Into the woods I go

  1. Gwenvir says:

    Enjoy the adventure and the food. Sounds yummyé

  2. Ausum says:

    What a great adventure you two ladies shall have!!! I hope you don’t find another SSR (Shoe Stealing Rodent).

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