Away from the world

Holy cow!  I haven’t posted a blog in, uh, forever?  Well, it seems that way at least.  Lots and lots has been going on in life, most notably working 5 part time jobs.  That’s kept me busy, but I come to find that I like it.  I finally came to realize a few weeks ago, after feeling down in the dumps that I wasn’t “making a career for myself” anytime soon, that I get BORED easily.  And by having multiple jobs, I find that I don’t get bored.  It’s actually been kind of fun.  And so I have come to accept my non-traditional, non-conformist lifestyle and to embrace it for what it is at the moment.

Hubby and I have been discussing our future lately and it’s getting exciting.  We have an idea that in a few years we’re both going to quit our jobs and travel the United States to see what it has to offer (and at some point, this includes world travel).  Depending on several factors at that point in time, we may sell our house (or not), find part time work while traveling (or not), work seasonal jobs for short periods of time in one place (or not), employ some sort of mobile money making scheme (or not), or we may just dirtbag it in a tent for several months, then come back to reality. Who knows?  The possibilities are endless.  That’s the fun in dreaming.

The rationale for doing something crazy like this?  Do it while we’re young and healthy!  Why toil away at a job, or in my case, jobs, for years that we may not particularly love just counting the days until retirement?  What if, by the time we retire, we’re sick and feeble and unable to travel?  What have we gotten out of life then?  By taking time off NOW (or in the near future) we will still be healthy and active and then once we’ve had our fill, we can come back and get “real jobs” again.  Or at least jobs to pay some bills, maybe not even a job in our current career/job training arena.

Things are heating up around here–spring has arrived in the garden and all sorts of things are popping up and greening up, which is exciting.  I’m making progress on my book.  I’m training for a women’s triathlon this summer, so I started swimming more frequently last fall.  I work at my gym at the front desk, so I’ve been a little slack in swimming recently, but I’m cutting back on my hours in preparation for spending more time out of doors this summer, away from home: camping, backpacking, kayaking, that sort of thing.  We got some baby chicks last week, and boy are they cute.  They also saved our basement from flooding the first night we got them.  You read that correctly: Hubby and I went downstairs to ogle them one final time before turning in to bed, when we heard a strange noise in the water heater/laundry area.  Come to find out, our copper pipe sprung a leak and was spraying a fine mist all over the wall.  It had just started, so we caught it early.  Thank goodness Hubby was a plumber in a former life and he still has all his tools.  He even had all the parts he needed to make the repair at 10:30pm.  Miracle of miracles.  Even more astounding, I don’t think he even uttered one curse word during the 30 minutes it took him to complete the job.  More miracles!  I do love having a handyman for a husband.

The CSA is preparing for another big year as well.  I have high hopes to make weekly videos showing our members how to use their shares (another reason I’m cutting out my Tuesday evening shift at the gym).  We’ll see how big a bite this is to chew and if I choke within a few weeks.

Well, that’s the latest.  I do have some things to share with food/garden, and I hope to begin blogging again more regularly.  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Away from the world

  1. Leesa says:

    Oh my golly, my sister is a gypsy.

    Somehow, I would have expected those roles to be reversed when we were growing up.

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