My new fleece sleeping bag liner


I am so excited about this, I just have to say that up front.  Isn’t this just the cutest fleece?!

Last weekend Hubby, Stinker and I went on a camping trip and it was COLD, RAINY, then SNOWY.  I have a 15 degree F down sleeping bag, which I love, but even in leggings, fleece pants, two pairs of socks, a tank top, fleece shirt, fleece-lined shirt, Turtle Fur neck fleece cowl, hat, and gloves, I was not hot inside my sleeping bag.  At times I was, dare I say it, cold.  Stinker was shivering next to me, so I covered her with a fleece blanket, wrapping her up like a little burrito.  That helped some.  But it was cold.


Frosty morning!

Hubby mentioned getting a sleeping bag liner, so I thought, “Well, hell, I can make that.”  So earlier this week I went to the fabric store, picked up this cute owl fleece fabric that matches the color of my sleeping bag (like it was MEANT to be), and made myself a liner.  I am so excited to use it this weekend when a girlfriend and I go camping.  In the COLD, RAIN, and possibly SNOW (we changed our plans from maybe backpacking/maybe car camping in the mountains to…”let’s car camp in the valley, go soak in the hot springs, then have lunch in town.”).  But it’s supposed to be cold, so I’m still going to put this new fleece liner to use!  I can’t wait.  Bring it on, winter.  I got this.

I made a pattern on some pieces of taped-together newspaper, but that seemed to just add an extra step so I plopped my sleeping bag down on top of the folded-in-half fleece (inside out), then used a marker to trace around my sleeping bag.  I cut the fabric along the marker, then I sewed zig zag stitches around the length of the bag, leaving about 12 inches at the top to allow me room to get into the liner and move around without feeling too claustrophobic.  Then I did a second zig zag stitch, just for extra security.  Once I trimmed off the excess thread, I turned the bag inside out, with the right side showing, and TA-DA!  This should add several degrees of warmth to my bag and give me something soft and cuddly to snuggle into on those cold nights.  Plus, it will help keep my sleeping bag clean, protecting it from body oils and dirt.  I may just have to make a lightweight one for warmer weather camping.

And more good news: I have enough owl fleece leftover that I can make a pillow case!

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2 Responses to My new fleece sleeping bag liner

  1. Leesa says:

    Cute! The boys have silk sleeping bag liners that they use in the summer (as in, that’s all they use), but we don’t have anything for cold weather. We need to upgrade their bags soon for to prep for boy scouts though.

    • Hmmmm, maybe that could be a Christmas present from Auntie? When you upgrade their bags, send me some measurements and I’ll make them fleece ones! Will consult with you on fabric design first…

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