For this I am thankful: my modesty (and sense of humor)

I help run our local CSA–okay, I RUN the local CSA…but it was by accident that I found myself in this position.  Honest.  My time is all volunteer and it eats up quite a bit of my free time and work time.  But I am passionate about local foods, so I continue to make it fit into my schedule.


My life has gotten really busy this summer.  For my ‘main’ job I am doing some travel.  I also took on some work with a local consultant that requires some travel.  Then I have a couple of pleasure trips planned and suddenly I look at the calendar and it appears that I will be gone more than I will be home this summer!

So that creates a bit of conflict with the CSA because I will miss nearly half of the pick up days.  And unfortunately, the other volunteers cannot work this year (one broke his back, the other had a change in her work schedule).  The good news is I found 3 volunteers to keep the CSA alive in my absence this summer.  One is a woman I worked with at a job a couple of years ago and she has been a CSA member for 2 years now–she has helped out here and there when we needed an extra set of hands to break down tables at the end of the day, but she doesn’t know the ropes all the way around.  Another volunteer has been a member for less than a year, but I had met her a few times at the pick up.  The 3rd volunteer is a complete stranger who answered a volunteer call ad on FaceBook.  Today was our orientation meeting so I could show them how the process works every week.

My experience with volunteers is often one of complete and total flakiness.  People SAY they want to help, but when it comes time to buckle down and actually put in the time, suddenly the numbers dwindle.  It varies widely depending on the volunteer project, but I was curious to see if all 3 women would actually show up today.  Wouldn’t you know, when I pulled up to the building ALL 3 were there!

This is a good sign…” I told myself, getting out of the car.  Something was bugging me, though.  As I was driving over from work, something was stuck inside my bra stabbing me on the underside of my boob.  As I got out of the car, I said hi to my former co-worker, re-introduced myself to the newer CSA member, and introduced myself to the complete stranger.  And then…

“Sorry, ladies,” I said as I reached down the front of my tank top, “but something is stabbing my boob.”  Not one of them blinked.  In fact, they encouraged me to dig it out since there were no dudes around.

“I hope it’s not a tick,” said my former co-worker.

A little shard of something stabbed my fingers.  I looked down and as I pulled my hand out of my shirt said, “Nope, just potato chip crumbs.”  That caused an eruption of laughter, and I was relieved to see that they weren’t running for their cars.  We had a great meeting and they are a lovely bunch of women.  The CSA is going to go well this year with their help.  What a relief!

One final thing: they were sea salt and vinegar potato chips.  In case you were wondering.

*Sigh*  My mother would be mortified.


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