Evening kayaking is good for the soul


Every once in a while Hubby, Stinker, and I load up the kayaks and head out for the water.  We have a few options that are pretty close to town, which is nice when you just need to get out and paddle for a little bit.  It was warm today, mid-80s, so Stinker was ready to cool off.  I’d been promising her all day that we would go swimming tonight after Daddy got home.  Boy, was she ready!  One of her all-time favorite water activities is rock relocating.  For some reason she is obsessed with plucking rocks out of the water (sometimes BIG ones!) and hauling them to shore.  Then she goes back to find another rock to bring to shore.  It’s so bizarre but she can do this for hours!  One time I joked that she might relocate an entire river!  Where we went tonight didn’t have many rocks, which was a disappointment for her.  There were plenty of sticks, though, so we did play fetch in the water for a little while.  But mostly we just rode around in the kayak and enjoyed the views.  We even saw an osprey nab a large fish from the water!  No one else was around so it was quite peaceful–just us, the osprey, and the the water.

Thank goodness for these loooooong summer days!  DSC_0799

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