What are YOU doing on a Saturday night?

I hope not what I’m doing.  I just sent this email to my vet:

Subject: Maggots in Stinker’s poo – Ew.

Hi there!
I know Stinker’s stool sample came back clean Friday, which was great news, and her poos are now much more firm–also good news.  But…
This afternoon I was cleaning up some of her poos from the backyard, ones from when she still had diarrhea, and one of them had a very dense population of maggots  inside the poo, not on the surface.  I know flies can lay eggs on the poop piles, but in 6 years of cleaning her poo here, I have never, ever found maggots in her poo.  And the fact that they were inside the poop, as well as the density of the maggots, caused me to think about it a little more closely.
I took a sample of several maggots and I put them in the freezer.  I was wondering if Doc might want to check them out.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to examine one under my microscope…probably not going to happen tonight.  Friend/Co-worker on Monday: “Hi Friend, how was your weekend?”  Me: “Well, Saturday night I looked at dog shit maggots under my microscope.”  Friend/Co-worker:  “Okay, well, I gotta go now….”
If Doc does want to take a look, if you could give me a call Monday morning before 11:30, I can run the sample out to the clinic before (or after) my barre class.
No kidding.  I actually sent that email.  I’m sure you are thinking….”Uh, huh?”  So here’s the brief:
Stinker has been doing quite a bit of traveling in recent weeks.  In July we went to Nebraska one weekend and then we went to Idaho the next weekend.  We spent time on the water in our kayaks on both trips, but after Nebraska Stinker got sick and had diarrhea the entire Idaho trip–traveling and camping with a Diarrhea Dog is not very fun, I can assure you.  I suspect she picked up something in Nebraska…  When we got back, I got her into the vet and her bloodwork showed no sign of infection and her stool sample came back clean.  Huh.  Well, that was $200 well spent…   Her poos are finally beginning to solidify and she is feeling much better than she did on our Idaho trip.  So things are on the up and up.  But, this whole maggot thing makes me think that maybe we just missed it and that she was full of eggs and then after they were evacuated they finally hatched.  So, I’ll see if the Doc wants to take a look.
And THAT, friends, is not how you want to spend your Saturday night.  But we did go kayaking today, and Stinker had a really good time:


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2 Responses to What are YOU doing on a Saturday night?

  1. Leesa says:

    Geez. I’m at the dentist with Izzac right now. This is NOT what I needed to read while listening to “scrape, scrape, scraaaaape”.
    So how is she?

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